TWA #16 – Short Story “Dust Bunnies” by Tony Southcotte

Dust Bunnies

  The only thing that woman had ever thrown away was his .45. Gabe stood in place as he thought about his gun while staring at his mineral collection. He’d been there for the better part of two hours. His shed was ornate, a rock hound’s paradise. Gabe had meticulously … Continue reading

TWA #12 – Short Story “Discs of Gold” by Tony Southcotte

Discs of Gold

Kara sat in a haze of cigarette smoke illuminated only by her monitor. On the screen, hundreds of forum posts scrolled along as she looked for a new target. Another pseudo-anonymous kid posted about global warming and the bullshit corruption that was going on in Washington to cover it up. … Continue reading

TWA #8 – “Illuminating Lunatics” by Tony Southcotte

Tired of being ignored, the Council of the New Illuminati decided that they had to come up with a new method of getting noticed. Something not even politicians, bureaucrats, and warmongers could ignore. They needed to send a message that the scientific community knew what was best for earth. So … Continue reading

TWA #5 – Short Story “Frozen Chosin” by Tony Southcotte

I never expected this, the bitter cold. The radio tells us it’s a Siberian cold front. It feels like just a few weeks ago I was walking through the mountains with unbearable heat. The smell of rot was everywhere, and the bugs came at us with more force than the … Continue reading