“Monster Trap” by Lu Whitley

  “Thomas, come eat your lunch.” “I’m busy,” Thomas’s squeaky voice answered from the living room, followed by a suspicious crash. “What in Heaven’s name are you doing in here?” I rounded the wall that separated rooms and walked smack into a tower of furniture. My grandmother’s glass side table … Continue reading

“Three Daughters Fight For the Secrets of Color and One Earns It” by Ellie Ann

Once upon a time there were three daughters born to the Master Painter (the one who had inherited the secrets of color). The first daughter had eyes that saw sharp and clear (they were the color of moss after a rain) and she spent her days at the library devoted … Continue reading

“Micah’s Promotion” by Eric Lange

Micah's Promotion

Despite preparing all week for his promotion review, Micah was still going to have an unexpectedly strange day. The gates of Hell hath opened up and through their devilish machinations unleashed an evil so great that no human could endure it without going insane: his morning commute to work. He had … Continue reading