TWA #5 – Short Story “Going Cheap” by David Webb

Adam ironed his shirt. He felt that he spent an unreasonable amount of time ironing shirts. Mornings, before work, in the steam heavy kitchen with his Dad in the corner sipping tea. Friday nights, if he had a date. Saturday mornings, if they were going to the Synagogue. — He’d … Continue reading

TWA #5 – Short Story “Frozen Chosin” by Tony Southcotte

I never expected this, the bitter cold. The radio tells us it’s a Siberian cold front. It feels like just a few weeks ago I was walking through the mountains with unbearable heat. The smell of rot was everywhere, and the bugs came at us with more force than the … Continue reading

TWA #4 – Short Story “This Man” by Danny Brophy

This being is called Karen. She travels on a cathedral of a star ship that cuts through black holes and circles quasars so close her ship should be smashed. I ignore the urge to tell her that her ship, while an astonishing piece of architecture, would never fly. This is … Continue reading

TWA #4 – Short Story “This Man” by CM Stewart

Monday, May 19 Today I was invited to participate in an online writing challenge. Two writers, one prompt, and ten days to deliver a short story. The prompt was a website with images of a man which appears in people’s dreams all over the world. When I clicked on the … Continue reading

TWA #3 – Short Story “God of Fire, God of Ashes” by Albert Berg

Terris Sek wakes to the terror of darkness. He flails in the blackness and his hands find the mattress of fronds he had scattered on the sandy floor the previous evening. The soft sound of Andra’s gentle snoring reaches his ears, calming his panic only slightly. The dank wetness of … Continue reading

TWA #3 – Short Story “The Lovebug Murders” by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

  They’re hungry again. He tries to be good, so very good. He has a well-paying job. There’s a woman in his life. There’s so much to be good for. But the worms are insatiable. He tries to ignore them, for as long as he can. They’re insistent, insinuating their … Continue reading

TWA #2 – Short Story “Creatures Great and Small” by Caleb Newell

Based on a True Story I imagined that I could hear the gears slowly grinding in the clock on the wall, bogged down by iron oxide and dust, bringing time to an even slower crawl than usual. But the professor’s dull monotone grated on my ears even more as he … Continue reading