TWA #10 – Short Story “Blue Swan” by Joseph Devon

Gus sat across from the android at the kitchen table. The android was powered down, its forearm was resting on the table with a rectangular hatch popped open along the wrist exposing some wiring and a slot for a data card. The android’s face was handsome, and even powered down … Continue reading

TWA #10 – Short Story “Intrinsic” by Benjamin Thomas

The elevator stopped on the bottom floor of the Institute of Artistic Living. It stopped with the same little bounce that always made Gordon’s stomach roll. Empty, full, hung over. It didn’t matter. There was something about those three inches, when the elevator recoiled, that made his stomach want to … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Short Story “The Gluten-Free Man” by Nathan Cabaniss

The Gingerbread Man was growing more and more depressed by the day. “Run, run, as fast as you can…” In the old days, now centuries past, it had been so easy. The children went for anything sweet: cookies, biscuits, cakes… all you had to do was plop one in their … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Short Story “Pillow” by Hannah-Elizabeth Noelle Thompson

In the beginning, the streets were still safe to drive on. It was only an occasional storm, the rain was brown in color and a bit sticky as it dried. The air was thick with a humidity that smelled faintly of cocoa after each downpour. Conspiracy theorists accused the government of … Continue reading

TWA #8 – “Ragna­Roach: A Remembrance” by Daniel Hale

The shores of New Salza thronged with mourning citizens, gazing out to the sea to pay their respects to the city’s beloved monster. More than a few heads sported commemorative feelers, drooping sadly at the passing of Ragna-Roach, the giant mutated isopod that has consistently terrorized and decimated this city … Continue reading

TWA #8 – “Illuminating Lunatics” by Tony Southcotte

Tired of being ignored, the Council of the New Illuminati decided that they had to come up with a new method of getting noticed. Something not even politicians, bureaucrats, and warmongers could ignore. They needed to send a message that the scientific community knew what was best for earth. So … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Price of Knowing” by Nick Nafpliotis

The Price of Knowing by Nick Nafpliotis “It’s stopped, ma’am.” Sally Watson heard a lot of things while commanding the Voyager 4 ground team, but learning that the craft had inexplicably ceased moving was not something she’d ever anticipated. “Come again?” she asked while staring up at the monitor. “Voyager … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Pedestal” by Joseph Devon

The Pedestal by Joseph Devon The realtor clutched her portfolio against her chest as she watched Mr. and Mrs. Gendarme examine the living room. Mr. Gendarme was an older man, his body short and squat. His face seemed constantly angered as his bushy eyebrows followed his gaze all around the … Continue reading