TWA #14 – Short Story “The Incident in the Delta Quadrant” by Joseph Devon

“Welcome on board my space station. I take it you’re the little piece of shit I have to coddle,”Hastur said. The liaison stood stolid and didn’t respond. He couldn’t see Hastur’seyes, a bizarre floppy sunhat sat low on his head, hiding his eyes, and a bandana, screamingly yellow, covered his … Continue reading

TWA #13 – Short Story “Out of the Universe by Sundown” by Danny Brophy

Out of the Universe by Sundown

Hey, you. You would’ve thought a human’s throat would be easier to slice. They’re so…pliable. The contract stipulated the throat had to be cut. Didn’t know why, don’t know, well, you know. I know how much you hate me repeating stuff, especially when it comes to work. So, I cut … Continue reading

TWA #12 – Short Story “The London Hammer” by Tomi Wiley

The London Hammer

Looking back, it turns out it was a love story after all. Perhaps the first the earth has ever known, and definitely the most violent. Kara stared up at the seamless silver ceiling, watching ripples of light across its surface cast from stars that had gasped and died millennia ago, … Continue reading

TWA #12 – Short Story “Discs of Gold” by Tony Southcotte

Discs of Gold

Kara sat in a haze of cigarette smoke illuminated only by her monitor. On the screen, hundreds of forum posts scrolled along as she looked for a new target. Another pseudo-anonymous kid posted about global warming and the bullshit corruption that was going on in Washington to cover it up. … Continue reading