“Hunter and Hunted” by Joseph Devon

Hunter and Hunted

The paper rippled against the light post in the night breeze. The faces of two little girls smiled out from black and white xeroxes of separate photographs. The younger girl, on the left, beamed up at the camera through missing teeth. The photograph on the right was an official school … Continue reading

“User Error” by Joseph Devon

Traffic Light

  The street was empty. Low winter light painted everything in cinderblock tones. Struggling against the oncoming darkness, though only barely, was the fluorescent light pooling out of the windows of the One-Stop-Shop on the empty corner of the desolate town. A traffic light swayed in the intersection as a frigid wind … Continue reading

TWA #14 – Short Story “The Incident in the Delta Quadrant” by Joseph Devon

“Welcome on board my space station. I take it you’re the little piece of shit I have to coddle,”Hastur said. The liaison stood stolid and didn’t respond. He couldn’t see Hastur’seyes, a bizarre floppy sunhat sat low on his head, hiding his eyes, and a bandana, screamingly yellow, covered his … Continue reading

TWA #10 – Short Story “Blue Swan” by Joseph Devon

Gus sat across from the android at the kitchen table. The android was powered down, its forearm was resting on the table with a rectangular hatch popped open along the wrist exposing some wiring and a slot for a data card. The android’s face was handsome, and even powered down … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Pedestal” by Joseph Devon

The Pedestal by Joseph Devon The realtor clutched her portfolio against her chest as she watched Mr. and Mrs. Gendarme examine the living room. Mr. Gendarme was an older man, his body short and squat. His face seemed constantly angered as his bushy eyebrows followed his gaze all around the … Continue reading