“Everywhere Station” by Danny Brophy

Everywhere Station

  When Ellen checked on a sleeping Becca. She found her daughter’s eyelids eaten away. Ellen retreated down the hexagonal corridors until coming to the wide window looking into the medbay. On one of the two operational tables laid Dwayne. A multitude of wires led into his arms. His eyelids … Continue reading

TWA #17 – Short Story “Big Top Barry and Tammy the Lion Tamer” by Danny Brophy

Circus Short Story

“Big Top Barry wrapped those big hands around the bar and bent his knees. His thin tank top stretched with old sweat across his smooth muscles. The crackling speakers let out a drumroll. The audience in the dark held their breath, held the hands of each other, and waited. Using an … Continue reading

TWA #13 – Short Story “Out of the Universe by Sundown” by Danny Brophy

Out of the Universe by Sundown

Hey, you. You would’ve thought a human’s throat would be easier to slice. They’re so…pliable. The contract stipulated the throat had to be cut. Didn’t know why, don’t know, well, you know. I know how much you hate me repeating stuff, especially when it comes to work. So, I cut … Continue reading

TWA #4 – Short Story “This Man” by Danny Brophy

This being is called Karen. She travels on a cathedral of a star ship that cuts through black holes and circles quasars so close her ship should be smashed. I ignore the urge to tell her that her ship, while an astonishing piece of architecture, would never fly. This is … Continue reading