Author’s Week in The Writer’s Arena

Readers, Writer’s, and strange people sitting naked in front of your keyboard with nothing but a can of Nutella, lend me your ears. Welcome to Writer’s week, in which we lend this blog to the wonderful challengers of The Writer’s Arena

We’re changing up the schedule a bit this week and taking a moment to nurse our wounds. The first set of stories are out there, and each of the TWA crew proved victorious. Their battles were hard fought, as Caleb, Donald, CM, and David all brought their A game.

We will be back next week with Joseph Devon vs Nick Nafpliotis. A bit of news though before we move on.

– All stories, prompts, and author profiles will appear in the same week. As much as we liked having our prompts announced early, it made for some strange and out of order posts.

– We’re working on a new voting system that would allow people to vote anonymously. Leaving a public comment in which you tell someone their story didn’t quite measure up is rough.

– We’ve added a donate button to the side panel, which should direct you to the Human Echoes account. This should fix any errors we had with our other button.

If you have any feedback, comments, concerns, or questions, please put them in the comments below.

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