TWA #64 – Robots – JUDGEMENT!


The collective presidents of the United State’s birthdays are being celebrated today, which begs the question: Do robots count their birthday by manufactured date or when they get turned on? How many presidents were robots? Place your baseless accusations in the comments! Robots have rattled and clanked their way through … Continue reading

TWA Tournament Championship – Butter – JUDGEMENT!

Today is the day we crown a champion. Thousands of words have been spilled and by the end of this post, seven combatants will have been struck down. Who will take home the spoils of victory? The prompt was tormenting and insane. Who can come up with a compelling tale … Continue reading

TWA Tournament – Flash Fiction Contest – JUDGEMENT!

The first wave of butter has splashed against the walls of the arena, and we have selected a winner for our flash fiction contest. All of our competitors are former arena combatants. They found their way back into the sands of the arena just to give you more of that … Continue reading