What It’s Like Writing for The Writer’s Arena

Day One: What is this? This isn’t a prompt. What kind of prompt is this? This makes no sense. I have to make a story out of this? This sounds like an Albert prompt. Great. I got an Albert prompt. Just great. Well, I have ten days. I’m sure something … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Price of Knowing” by Nick Nafpliotis

The Price of Knowing by Nick Nafpliotis “It’s stopped, ma’am.” Sally Watson heard a lot of things while commanding the Voyager 4 ground team, but learning that the craft had inexplicably ceased moving was not something she’d ever anticipated. “Come again?” she asked while staring up at the monitor. “Voyager … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Short Story “The Pedestal” by Joseph Devon

The Pedestal by Joseph Devon The realtor clutched her portfolio against her chest as she watched Mr. and Mrs. Gendarme examine the living room. Mr. Gendarme was an older man, his body short and squat. His face seemed constantly angered as his bushy eyebrows followed his gaze all around the … Continue reading

TWA #6 – Edge of the Universe Battle Thread

“The Pedestal” by Joseph Devon vs “The Price of Knowing” by Nick Nafpliotis   Welcome, lovers of short stories. Today we kick off another batch of arena fights with an odd question about the end of the universe. Which is to say, our authors for this fight were asked to … Continue reading

TWA Short Story Challenge #5 – Soul for Sale

It’s time for the next short story challenge! Robert Johnson did it to gain his legendary ability to play the blues. Faust did it for unlimited knowledge and pleasure. Homer Simpson did it for a doughnut. What is “it?” Why selling your soul to the devil, of course. This week’s … Continue reading