TWA #9 Dessert Island Battle Thread

 “Pillow” by Hannah-Elizabeth Thompson vs “The Gluten-Free Man” by Nathan Cabaniss   Welcome short story lovers! After today, you’re going to need a dentist. This week, we delve into the delectable world of desserts, and the stories hiding in those vast mounds of sugar. Representing the TWA, the sugary-sweet Hannah-Elizabeth Thompson brings … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Short Story “The Gluten-Free Man” by Nathan Cabaniss

The Gingerbread Man was growing more and more depressed by the day. “Run, run, as fast as you can…” In the old days, now centuries past, it had been so easy. The children went for anything sweet: cookies, biscuits, cakes… all you had to do was plop one in their … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Short Story “Pillow” by Hannah-Elizabeth Noelle Thompson

In the beginning, the streets were still safe to drive on. It was only an occasional storm, the rain was brown in color and a bit sticky as it dried. The air was thick with a humidity that smelled faintly of cocoa after each downpour. Conspiracy theorists accused the government of … Continue reading

TWA #9 – Dessert Island Challenge

It’s time for a fresh writing prompt. This week’s short stories will be all about being sweet, but we’re not discussing personalities. No, this week the arena centers around cookies, cakes, chocolate, pies, ice cream, candy, or any other delicious foodstuff our authors can think of. The challenge is to write a story about … Continue reading

TWA Short Story Challenge #8 – TYKTWD


Welcome lovers of short stories. This week we have a writing prompt that will please the big-hearted in all of us. The really big-hearted. Like…the absolutely monstrously massively huge-hearted. The prompt is: “Take your kaiju to work day.” And what does that mean? Well, we’ve all seen movies where some … Continue reading