Author Spotlight – Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

lionDonald Jacob Uitvlugt lives on neither coast of the United States, but mostly in a haunted memory palace of his own design. He studied book-fu on the peak of Jinshan Mountain at the feet of Ray Bradbury, Charles de Lint, and Zombie Basho.

In addition to “Expecting,” produced by Human Echoes Podcast, you can find other examples of his book-fu free online. These include “In the Ruins of Amir,” “Love Letters,” “Happy Birthday, Joshie,”  “Cineraku,”  “Out of the Depths,” “Her Day in Court,” “I’m My Own Kryptonite,” “Outwitted,” “Irula’s Apprentice,” “C.Moira’s Choice,”  and “The Tale of the White Tiger.” As these stories suggest, his interests span the boundaries of speculative fiction.

Donald strives to write what he calls “haiku fiction,” stories that are small in scope but big on impact. (Find out more about haiku fiction here.  He welcomes comments at his blog or via Twitter @haikufictiondju.

For the record, his surname is Dutch, and he pronounces it “EYEt-flukt.” Tony and Al get better at it the more they say it.

His book-fu is better than yours.

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