Author Spotlight – CM Stewart

Boo-Boo Discovers FireCM Stewart is a science fiction and psychological horror writer. Only 1.7 million years late to be the first hominid to discover and use fire, she enjoys camping and poking things with sticks. Stewart lives in a trailer park in New Hampshire, 100 feet from a former Superfund site, where 900,000 gallons of liquid hazardous waste was dumped into the ground. She is locally famous for digging a mutant tick out of her posterior with her bare fingernails and growing mutant sunflowers.

Stewart has written a large body of fiction, including flash fiction, short stories, novels, and poetry, and has stories published in the following anthologies: Twisted Tales: Flash Fiction with a Twist 2012 (Raging Aardvark Publishing), Twisted Tales: Flash Fiction with a Twist 2013 (Raging Aardvark Publishing), Theme-Thology: INVASION, Theme-Thology: Day I Died, and Theme-Thology: New Myths (HDWPBooks). She has won several flash fiction contests, including the 2012 ZOVA Books/Storiad Short Story Writing Contest for her story “GODS OF THE COMPUVERSES.”

Stewart shares writing and reading information at her blog, and writing and technology information her G+ profile She has also written several nonfiction and speculative articles for Singularity Weblog

She shares her abode with her husband and two cats.


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