albertAlbert Berg: Albert was born in the swamps of Florida and quickly developed a gripping writing style by wrestling with crocodiles. It is said that he hypnotized five gators in a row by the age of nine with his melodic prose and infinite imagination. Albert is a true menace in the arena because of a steadfast ability to remain true to his roots of thoughtful contemplation despite the hurricanes that pass all through his state. You never know what you will get from Albert, be it sentient paper products or religious squirrels, but you do know that behind the flash there will be a well thought out story that will make you reflect on your own life.  Albert is the author of The Mulch Pile and A Prairie Home Apocalypse or: What the Dog Saw.
Arena Record:

  • Lifetime 12 – 8
  • 2016 Season 4 – 3*
  • 2015 Season 4 – 3 || 0 – 1 In Tournament
  • 2014 Season 5 – 2

*Subbed in last minute for TWA #72: Battle Toys. Won by default.

Secret Move: Steam Scorpion
Twitter: @albert_berg
Email: timber_32571 at yahoo dot com


meTony Southcotte: Tony hails from the Rocky Mountains somewhere around the state of Colorado. Possibly raised by grizzly bears, this gritty denizen of the arena now spends most of his time grappling with Java updates and dysfunctional RAM. With not much fiction under his belt, it might seem tempting to bet against Mister Southcotte, but an impressive knowledge of everything from PVC pipe to psychedelic drugs makes Tony a storehouse of fiction waiting to hit the paper. Plus, you know, there’s the possibility of him ripping you apart like a grizzly bear.

Arena Record:

  • Lifetime 11 – 9
  • 2016 Season 4 – 3*
  • 2015 Season 3 – 4 || 1 – 1 In Tournament
  • 2014 Season 4 – 2

*Subbed in last minute for TWA#65: Battle Afterlife

Secret Move: Paper Dragon
witter: @tsouthcotte
Email: tsouthcotte at email dot com


Danny BrophyDaniel Brophy: Daniel Brophy has been writing for nearly ten years. He has finished less than that number of stories and books. He has had one short story published, but that was six years ago and the name of the now-defunct publication escapes him. Born with a thirst for words and stories, Daniel owns enough books to open a small library, or to re-enact the ending of the Twilight Zone episode where the bookworm breaks his glasses at the end (spoiler alert). Thankfully, Daniel has eyes like baseball legend Ted Williams, so broken glasses are not a problem. It should also be noted that his pop culture acumen borders on worrisome, due to a Tarentino-level of knowledge. Dream projects for Daniel include: writing a book set in the Alien universe; building a life-sized replica of the TARDIS and setting it into a wall to act as a door to a room, giving off a ‘bigger on the inside’ illusion; and making a low-budget horror movie about a graveyard.

Arena Record:

  • Lifetime 6 – 8
  • 2016 Season 0 – 3*
  • 2015 Season 4 – 3 || 1 – 1 In Tournament
  • 2014 Season 2 – 2

*Disqualified from TWA #72: Battle Toys.

Secret Move: A Boy Scout Knife
Twitter: @DannyBrophy
Email: daniel.brophy25 at yahoo dot com


IMG_4358Joseph Devon: Hailing from New Jersey, Joseph is sarcastic, caustic, abrasive, and yet a surprisingly good cook. As the eldest member of the arena’s cadre, Joseph has come to rely on discipline over flash and dozens of rewrites over bursts of creativity. He also sometimes remembers where he put his dentures. Joseph grew up fighting for attention over loud guidos and even louder New Yorkers and polished a knack for concise, striking imagery. A fan of most anything silly, Joseph also has a depth hidden under his love of talking animals that can rope in unsuspecting readers and make them think before they realize they’re reading anything of substance. Joseph is the author of the first two books of the Matthew and Epp trilogy, Probability Angels and Persistent Illusions and is hard at work on the third.

Arena Record:

  • Lifetime 9- 11
  • 2016 Season 2 – 4
  • 2015 Season 4 – 3 || 1- 1 In Tournament
  • 2014 Season 3 – 4

Secret Move: ?
Twitter: @josephdevon
Email: joe at josephdevon dot com

Hannah-Elizabeth Noelle ThompsonHannah-Elizabeth Noelle Thompson Newell:  Hannah Newell has a long name. She is also terrible at starting bios.

A restless little whippersnapper, Hannah grew up never staying in the same town for longer than a few years, and eventually she never stayed in the same state for very long. She currently resides in Fairmont, West Virginia. Her spare time is spent fixing (and accidentally breaking) her typewriters, making things one might call ‘art’ (Hugs Are Sent), and attacking everyone online and elsewhere with hugs (if you’d like frequent hug attacks, you may follow her on Twitter @SherlockMadame.) Also she kinda loves you. And she is terrible at ending bios.

Arena Record:

  • Lifetime 0 – 1 – 1
  • 2015 Season 0 – 0
  • 2014 Season 0 -1 – 1

Secret Move – Candied Pancreas
Twitter: @sherlockmadame
Email: thethingsiwanttomake at gmail dot com